Industrial Concrete Flooring

VDF Flooring or Vacuum Dewatered Flooring or Tremix Flooring is a system for laying high quality concrete floors where the key is Dewatering of Concrete by Vacuum Process wherein surplus water from the concrete is removed immediately after placing and vibration, thereby reducing the water cement ratio to the optimum level.

VDF Flooring or Vacuum Dewatered Flooring or Tremix Flooring increases the Compressive Strength, Tensile Strength, and Abrasion Resistance and minimizes the Shrinkage and Floor Wraps. VDF Flooring results in High Strength, Longer Life, Better Finish and Faster Work. This type of floor is suitable for high abrasion & heavy traffic movement.


What is Vaccum Pump
This is the core of the system. A continuous discharge vacuum pump is complete self contained unit. The unit is mounted on a transportation trolley. 24Sqmt freshly laid concrete can be De-watered in one single operation with one set mat. The pump is powered by 7.5 H.P. 3 Phase electric motor.

Suction mat is placed directly on the green concrete after vi bro screed operation is over. A Special high class nylon filter is fixed on plastic mats which acts a filter during the vacuum operation filter mats in different sizes are provided with the system, Top mat is provided the junction box and is De-watering placed on top of filter mat for the purpose of sealing special synthetic cloth is used in the top mat it comes in standard sizes of 4x6 meter.

1.compressive strength increases about 55 %
2. Tensile strength increases by @ 70%
3. Cement consumption is reduced to the extent of 40%, no cement is required separately for finishing the surface.
4. Abrasion resistance of the floor increases by @ 60% resulting in less wear and rear of the floor surface
5. Shrinkage of concrete is reduced and floor wraps less.


- Warehouses, Godowns
- Roads, Sports Courts
- Cellars, Parking Areas
- Production Areas
- Pharmaceutical Companies
- As the base floor for Epoxy & PU Floorings